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    Mikes career started at an early age, working with his high school teacher preparing working drawings in the summer of 1975. After graduation, Mike moved on to the architectural program at SAIT, eventually landing his first job at NU-WEST Homes in 1978. After 2 years with NU-WEST, Mike partnered with Tim Luini and a company called Luini and Associates.

  • By 1980, Mike purchased the company and changed the name to MTB Design-Tech. Many of the early clients included some of the industry leaders of today. Cardel Homes, Mauro Bros which became Albi Homes, Homes by Avi, Sandlewood Developments, Westglen Homes, Maillot Homes, and B&H Homes which became Jayman Homes were just some of the clientele in those days.

  • By 1985, MTB Design-Tech was purchased by one of the senior partners and Mike once again struck out on his own. The new company, Tricor Designs Ltd, worked exclusively for three corporations, Sandlewood, Westglen and Maillot Homes.

  • Since 1985, Tricor has produced some of the finest custom homes in the city and has completed over 9000 custom homes, townhomes, villas, multi-family units and renovations since then. As lead designer, many of the projects have been Mike’s creations, and some with collaboration from other designers and builders.

  • Mike is also actively involved in volunteering with CRHBA and the Student House program at the High School and SAIT levels. The program started in the early 70’s and Mike participated in both competitions, winning both in consecutive years. In 1978, working with NU-WEST, and now being in the industry, Mike was asked to help judge the competition, which eventually lead to chairing the program, and has since been active continuously for over 31 years and counting.

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